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A radioactive party for the apocalypse survivors

In the future, human impact has destroyed the earth. A radioactive haze clouds the sky, and the survivors have been driven underground. As the Day of Illumination approaches, gather your tribe and dance to the rythm of tribal and tech house music.

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When & Where

PY1 Nights begin between
10PM and 11PM and run to 3AM
at the Clock Tower Pier in the
Old Port of Montreal.

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Who is this for?

Who is this for?

☄️ Apocalypse survivors
🤘 Steampunks
🗿 Cave dwellers

How to dress?

The tribes of underworld dress in whatever scraps remain. Steampunk, Mad Max and mutations all around. Don’t shy away from the down and dirty, the tattered or tattooed. If it survived the apocalypse, it has a place down here.

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